Wednesday, November 03, 2010

You've got a Thermarest or camping pad that sits in your closet or garage for 362 days out of the year. Let's put it to use more often! - Do ab exercises on it!

One of the reasons it is difficult to do ab exercises is that on a hard floor or even moderately cushioned carpeted floor your lower back is hurting from the ground pressure on it. If you are wearing a belt or the waist band on your pants is bulky it is worse. However if you've got a pad that you've kept handy in your family room discreetly hidden behind the couch then it's super easy and comfortable to bust out some abs while you are watching TV or in between Face Book and blogging posts.

I have been doing 100 abs a day for over 4 years now. Keeping a strong core is really fantastic for avoiding injury in any endeavor. so... Put your camping pads to use!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Habitual fitness.

I am now four years into doing 100 abs a day. Initially it was a challenge thrown out that it would be tough to do 100 reps for 100 days of anything. - it didn't matter if it was push-ups, squats, or pull-ups. Abs seemed to be the easiest so I tried that first. I failed many times, I distinctly remember getting as far as 79 days consecutively one time and missing a day, Then! having to start over! I can also remember being on a BART train at 11:45 pm one night and realizing I hadn't done my situps yet! Darn the carpet on those trains has no padding. Eventually I did do the 100 day straight run. My friend Rich Fettke actually went a year without missing a day. I managed doing a year with only missing 7 days. I did "make-up days" and realized that to average 100 abs a day from then on out would be a healthy habit. Each year I moved to a different ab exercise. Sit-ups, crunchs, Atomic Situps, bicycles, etc. two years ago I tried adding push-ups to the regime and kept having trouble keeping up. Finally I got where I could do 10 push-ups everyday for a year. Last year I bumped it up to 40 push-ups every day and now have been doing that in addition to the abs for 14 months. this month I started doing 20 squats and 50 hand gripper closings as well.

Go ahead and give 100 reps for 100 days a try without missing a single day. I've now done it for Sit-ups, Jumping Jacks, and Pull-ups.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OK, It's October 12th, - two years to the day that we set the speed record on The Nose of El Cap. And it's Columbus day - this week. "They said it couldn't be done."

It was a cool summer and who knows what will happen in the next month, but we all know what is going to happen in two months. - It will be too cold and wet to climb in Yosemite. SOOO get out there and get some climbing in.

I got in a great day of three medium length routes at Lovers Leap last weekend. temps were awesome. Did you know I can legally guide at Lovers Leap? not much time left this season to do it. try getting me directly or using

happy climbing